Welcome to the O’Shaughnessy Reservation System for Overnight Facilities at Hetch Hetchy Reservoir


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The Hetch Hetchy overnight facilities are Cottage 1,   Cottage 2, and the Bunkhouse. All eligible guests* as designated by Policy are permitted to reserve the overnight accommodations. The facilities at Hetch Hetchy Reservoir are open from May through October, weather permitting. Only one reservation per user, per season is allowed by policy. There is a three night maximum.

Eligible guests must register here during the designated registration period: first 10 business days of February.

Registration: Beginning on the first business day in February, individuals seeking to reserve these facilities must register online at: osh.sfwater.org. Guests previously registered in the system should be prompted via email to confirm their intent to utilize the reservation system. If you do not receive an email, sign up as a New User. All registrants are subject to verification of eligibility and will be notified by email of their eligibility status.

The Registration Period: Wednesday, February 1 through Tuesday, February 14, 11:59 p.m.

Reservation: Upon confirmation of your eligibility you will receive email notification indicating that you’ve been entered into the lottery.

Lottery: Winners of the random lottery, which will occur in late February/early March, will receive an email with a reservation window assignment and instructions.

Reservation Window Assignment: Reservation windows allow access to the reservation calendar in March. Reservations can only be made during your assigned reservation window or when Open Season begins. Each reservation window will allow 10 users to access to make reservations during one 23-hour window. Reservation dates are subject to availability. Please sign in at osh.sfwater.org during your reservation window to create your reservation.

Deposit: An email will be sent to you with the deposit and fees information. A deposit of $100.00 per reservation is due in advance to hold your requested dates. Failure to pay reservation deposits within the required timeframe will result in automatic reservation cancellation. Cancellations cannot be reinstated. This deposit will be applied towards your invoice balance at the end of your stay.

Cancellations/Refunds: Reservation cancellations must be submitted via this website three weeks (21 days) in advance of reservation date for refund of deposit. Cancellations made 20 days or less prior to reservation date will result in loss of deposit.

Rates: Facility rates are charged based on the number of nights reserved. You will be charged the nightly rate unless you cancel in advance (see cancellation information). Facility rates are published in the City and County of San Francisco Master Fee Schedule.

Payments: An invoice will be sent to you after your stay. The deposit will be applied to your invoice balance. Payment must be received within 30 days of receipt of invoice. Failure to submit payment within 30 days will result of loss of future privileges. If housekeeping has determined additional charges are due, these charges will be added to your invoice. The reserving guest is responsible for the entire invoice amount.

Open Season: In April after all lottery-assigned reservation windows have closed, the Reservation System will allow all registered users to change, cancel or attempt new reservations. Users will receive notification via email informing them of Open Season. Users who were not able to create a reservation during their lottery-assigned reservation window may now attempt to make a reservation, as cancellations and changes generate availability. Registered users can edit their reservations, including trading their existing dates for dates that appear available. Reservations will only register a change if the requested dates are available and the reservation can be saved. Thus, users will not risk losing their existing reservation if the alternate dates are not available. These editing functions also allow users to change their reservation start and departure dates or release a facility while still retaining the reservation.

*Eligible guests are:

  • Elected officials of the City and County of San Francisco: Mayor, Board of Supervisors
  • The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
  • Elected officials within Hetch Hetchy’s service area
  • Elected Federal and State officials
  • Officers of departments of City government performing direct service for the SFPUC
  • SFPUC full-time permanent staff
  • Official delegates of the BAWSCA, MID, TID, non-profit education groups, and such other groups as the Commission may, from time to time, authorize

Questions: osh@sfwater.org.